Sassafras Mountain

Mental Toughness Retreat

Our B2M and Girls Who Win Sassafras Mountain Retreat was a tremendous success! Our Youths were able to utilize the campfire as an icebreaker to introduce each other while performing a talent show. Classes like Etiquette, Effective Communication, Artistic Ceramics, Music Production, and Black History were taught. Journaling, meditation, planning achievable goals, and challenges were set to help innovate leadership skills while embracing what nature has to offer. Teen-building and Mental Toughness exercises were sharpened through activities like Football, Chess, Uno, and Hiking.     




Blackfeet Indian  Reservation

B2M members are planning a week-long trip to the Blackfeet Indian Reservation to learn the history of a tribe of Native Americans and establish a relationship that will allow for student exchange opportunities in​ June 2021. Please register or call for more info.