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 Why do we need your Financial Support?


Boys2Men Inc. has provided service to over 5,000 young men and counting over the past 21 years. It has been an honor to provide programming and resources that uplift young men, and periodically young women, to enhance and brighten their futures through education and experiential learning. With our successful evidence-based programs, we have been able to maintain a high level of execution. Our curriculums incorporate a variety of “Makers Space” learning to include; Business, Technical, and Life Skills training.  These skill sets help to improve the emotional and behavioral changes necessary for a young person’s success. Our target population oftentimes comes to our program as victims of emotional trauma, which frequently requires counseling, mentoring, and the compassionate and nurturing support of our team.


In an effort to introduce our youth to other cultures and various ways of life, your financial support will help us employ the experienced staff necessary. 


Finally, to keep our weekly programs free of charge, we need monthly donors like you who care about our communities and the children who live in them. Just to name a few, these donations will fund our Transportation, Curriculums, Technical School and Residential Programs. As a 501(c)3 Not for Profit organization your gift is essential to help us fulfill our mission: To empower vulnerable black male youth to become the best and fullest expression of themselves through tailored youth development programs and nurturing partnerships. Consequently, our reasons for introducing our Monthly Subscription Donor Initiative. This is a community effort, will include parents, local businesses, and You!


Let’s keep making a positive impact and engaging our youth so that where they come from, has little impact on where they are going. Click the button below and sign up to be a part of a positive future for us all.


Our Future



Please contact the B2M Administration via the contact page to find out about volunteer opportunities. 


Donating time, money, clothing. shoes, food, school supplies are all extremely appreciated